Optimise your HR department with Automation

The Human Resources (HR) Department is the glue that holds together your company’s most valuable asset: your team. And in 2022, HR’s greatest ally is tech. HR automation has been growing rapidly in recent years, with businesses investing in cloud-based systems to help them hire, manage their team, run payroll, handle employee requests, and more.

If the establishment of processes and workflows has been featured as one of the bases that guide the modern notion of organizational management, the presence of technology is another major factor. The creation and modeling of processes align and streamline the implementation of activities. Adopting tools that automate process management is critical in the human resources department.


In an organization, every day, there’s a new round of recruitment, integration, signings, reviews, workshops, and an endless list of other activities. When you automate your processes, you see the entire workflow from start to finish, with a broad and integrated perspective.

You will then be able to identify where you need to take action and where a system can do a better job, based on indicators, provided in real-time through dashboards.


However, there are some challenges that HR professionals face when they welcome, educate and train the new workforce. These bottlenecks are usually rooted in manual and monotonous tasks, like providing them with the necessary documentation, access to platforms, workspaces, and including them in ongoing workflows.

Any department can be overloaded by manual work and make mistakes while juggling information from many different channels, sensitive data, or contracts at the same time.

The HR department needs to tackle even more manual processes than any other department, as they need to handle the hiring, training, onboarding, performance appraisal, and management of every employee. These tasks often entail a mountain of paperwork. Within an organization, where digital transformation hasn’t started yet, this procedure is further complicated by the necessity to manage the combination of printed and digitalized records.

Moreover, in many cases, the IT department needs to be included in the correction of mistakes, or the execution of certain tasks, which makes the process even more expensive, slow, and frustrating.

What is more, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are enabling their employees to work from home or from remote locations. While this trend is great to maintain a work-life balance, it puts extra pressure on HR as they need to complete the same quality and quantity of hiring and onboarding without the candidate having to enter the office building.

These challenges call for digital solutions, which can serve the modern needs of HR directors and managers, thus saving them time, resources, and big sums of money for the enterprise.

Optimise your HR department with automation

HR Processes that can be automated

Tailor-made HR digital solutions can turn your outdated manual and repetitive processes into automated procedures hence helping your team to focus their skills in strategic areas of your business. Here are some of the HR processes that can be automated.

  • Recruitment and talent feedback. This includes CV screening, interview dates, and instant feedback from hiring managers.
  • Employee onboarding requires document collections, signing forms, giving access to tools to new recruits etc. Automation enables automatic notification, approval workflows, document generation, and e-signatures.
  • Access to apps and tools. New hires need to be granted access to relevant applications and permission from their first day. With automation, access can be granted automatically based on pre-defined criteria. Over time, the access needs of employees may change,  automated approval processes allow managers to quickly accept or reject.
  • Employee record management
  • Performance tracking. Automating employee performance appraisal means that companies can access data to determine raises, bonuses, and other actions. It also ensures that information is bias-free for accurate decision-making.
  • Leave management. Removing manual calculation of leaves of employees eradicates human error and in turn, leads to a smooth experience for all your employees.
  • Employee offboarding. Automating this process enables completion and uploading of documents electronically, scheduling exit interviews, removing their access on date of choice, and more.

By now you must be hyped up by how many processes can be automated in the HR Department. But you might be discouraged by the fact that you already have a few systems in place and implementation of new solutions is easier said than done – that’s where we come in. Our experts leverage low-code automation tools such as Nintex to aid you in uniting your data, systems, and processes into a bespoke digital solution. Eventually, enabling you to harvest the advantages of HR Automation.

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