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We provide a full range of services around the business process management (BPM) arena. This includes strategic consulting, requirement gathering, business analysis, process audits, solutions design, user interfaces design, applications implementation and process maintenance.

PRocess Automation

AMO Consultancy supports organisations achieve success through change. Our consultative approach means we are involved from the outset to suggest the best route possible to identify, design and implement enterprise-grade solutions. We provide our expertise in designing new operating models through process automation as we leverage progressive technologies to reduce operating costs and maximise performance.

K2 Expertise

We specialise on K2 low-code platforms and development. We provide hands-on capabilities for your upcoming projects as well as for your 'in-flight' implementations. 

We also have a tailor-made approach for K2 trainings. These are adapted to the level of expertise of the audience as well as business environment.

Low-Code Apps

With a highly skilled and experienced team, we help accelerate your transformation journey to get the maximum out of your implementation system. We work collaboratively, with business and IT operations, to enable agility and align requirements for a given solution without losing focus on efficiency, quality, maintainability and deadlines.


This service provides insight on projects feasibility to drive rapid decision-making without the need to committing to large budgets upfront. We deliver workshops to gather requirements upon which we draw mock-ups to visualise what the product may look like for the best-suited solution. As general needs are defined we offer a timeline to production as well as cost estimates for implementation.



We are proud to be a new-born consultancy based in London. With years of experience in the IT Services and Applications industry we have learnt what good looks like and what it takes to achieve success for our customers.

Our values

  • Top quality delivery

  • Attention to detail

  • The right team for the right job

  • Empower people

Our objective

We strive to enhance your businesses' productivity and enable competitive advantage through digital transformation and process automation.


We offer consulting and solutions across Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA). Our technologies of choice are K2, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and other peripheral tools.


Our team benefits from years of experience implementing Business Process Management solutions. We have a highly skilled, reliable and collaborative individuals that listen to and gains deep understanding of our customers' requirements. Delivering consistently quality products is at the forefront of our dynamic group of consultants.


Management Team

Our management team brings in decades of experience in the delivery of highly complex IT Services and Application solutions.


Our commercial exposure spans across multiple sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, consulting, legal, financial, real estate, energy and governments.

Technical Team

AMO works with a trusted network of consultants and associates from across the world who share our values. It allows us to be specific in the skillset required for each customers, technology-set, projects and their complexities.


All our engagements are managed by our staff in the UK and mainland Europe. We only work with specialists in their fields with years of proven experience in the relevant technologies. 



Business process management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond your organisation boundaries. BPM is commonly used in organizations around the world to support a wide range of goals, including: eliminating mundane tasks, improving employee efficiency, getting products to market faster and improving the customer experience.



Business optimisation focuses on analysing business operations and understanding how digital technologies can be adopted to improve efficiency and drive optimal performance.

Optimising businesses digitally also provides deeper insights into performance, allowing for data-led decision-makers to pinpoint and resolve areas of inefficiency rapidly.


As you review internal processes, BPM and its automation will help you remove the tedious and manual tasks to empower your staff with value-add activities.

With an optimised business, employees can be more productive, work is completed more quickly and accurately and there is less risk that human error and time lags will impede business success.


As work passes from one business silo to the next, or from one ERP to another, BPM can preserve the context of each piece of work throughout the entire work lifecycle.

This helps large organisations integrate, automate, and improve their complex front and back-office business operations without losing control or authorisation gateways.



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