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Rapid App Platform

Our master toolbox. The technology foundation behind our custom application delivery service

Native Mobile Apps

We build visually striking, brand-aligned, and functionality-rich apps, right at your fingertips.

Robotic Process Automation

We use robots to mimic human behaviour and automate manual repetitive work.

The Nintex Process Platform: Discover, Automate, and Optimise your Business Processes

 We take pride in our status as a Nintex Premier Partner, leveraging the Nintex Automation platform to create custom apps.



tasks and processes utilising advanced AI to understand how work gets done



business processes
with tools, process owners and participants



advanced processes for people, data, and documents


and fully automate human-computer interactions

documents with key data and automation quickly and easily
documents with signature-based workflows


automation performance and gain insight with process intelligence

Shared Platform Components
Analytics | User Management | Security | Governance
Xtensions | System Orchestration | Connections & APIs | Template Gallery

Jigx: Native Mobile Apps that means Business

We build striking, branded native mobile apps for a truly immersive user experience.

Mobile Apps your Users will Love

We leverage the Jigx platform to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and tablets.

These intuitive, powerful, and visually stunning apps empower your teams with instant access to critical information. This enables them to make informed decisions whenever, wherever.

App screenshot based on Jigx platform AMO Consultancy Services LTD
Mobile App screenshots based on Jigx platform AMO Consultancy Services LTD

Integrate with your existing workflows

Jigx apps integrate seamlessly with your existing business solutions, taking personal productivity to a whole new level without the feeling of being boxed in.

The platform easily connects to any system that supports REST web services, including the Nintex low-code platform for business process automation.

Jigx apps integrate seamlessly and securely with existing business systems and data sources.
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Ui Path Business Automation Platform: Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

 For the 5th consecutive year, UiPath has been named the Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation.

uipath Studiox logo

Enables the creations and execution of workflows for a wide range of tasks, including application integration, administrative IT functions, and process automation.

uipath Studiox logo

Simplifies business application automation with its no-code platform, offering seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Users can create, execute, and share automations composed of activities within an intuitive Designer panel.

uipath orchestrator logo

Web app for orchestrating robots in repetitive business processes, managing resources, integrating with third-party solutions, and optimizing robot fleet for attended and unattended automation.

uipath automation hub logo

Centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements all in one place, prioritised by impact and ROI .

Explore how we incorporate these techs into our methodologies to build your custom apps.

Digital Process Automation (DPA)
Business Process Management (BPM)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
DPA is the method of automating one or several business processes within an organisation, through the use of software. Instead of simply targeting traditional goals like cost reduction and profitability, DPA goes beyond that to include customer experience, retention and engagement.
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved customer service, boosting customer loyalty & retention
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased compliance
  • Organisational flexibility
  • An objective view of data without human bias

More than ever, companies and organisations are looking to DPA technologies to automate their processes as part of wider digital transformation initiatives.

Business process management (BPM) is a corporate methodology used to coordinate data, users and systems through end-to-end business processes. The goal of BPM is to increase the efficiency of the processes used to run regular business operations. BPM is used in organisations around the world to support a wide range of goals, like eliminating mundane tasks, improving employee efficiency, getting products to market faster and improving the customer experience.

Happy employees & increased productivity BPM automation features help you to remove the tedious and manual tasks from your employees’ to-do lists, giving them more opportunities to focus on more inspiring activities. This allows them to become more productive and complete their tasks more quickly and accurately.

Better accuracy & insight With automation, there is also less risk of human error and time lags that could impede your activities. Instead of micromanaging everyday tasks, you’ll be free to identify skill gaps in your employees.

Improved agility Business optimisation focuses on analysing business operations and understanding how digital technologies can be adopted to drive optimal performance. The process also provides deeper insights into performance, providing the data that decision-makers need to pinpoint and resolve areas where improvement is needed. With a well-defined BPM strategy, teams are more flexible and adaptable to change.

Throughout COVID-19 pandemic, it has been proven that the most powerful business are those that are adaptable to change. An agile business can navigate any problems caused by internal or external factors and increase results exponentially. Teams become scalable, competitive, and collaborative.

Visibility across business silos & systems As work passes from one business silo to the next, BPM can preserve the context of each piece of work throughout its entire lifecycle. This means your organisation can integrate, automate and improve complex front and back-office business operations, without losing control of authorisation gateways. Ensured policy compliance Adopting BPM lets you streamline your processes and implement a framework that complies with all internal and external policies. BPM ensures that the processes are well understood and strict guidelines are followed.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that makes it easy to build, deploy and manage software robots to emulate the actions of humans interacting with digital systems to execute a business process – essentially a “digital assistant”. These assistants capture data and manage applications through the user interface, just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. A digital assistant never needs to sleep or take a break, and it doesn’t make human mistakes, so while it works your employees can focus on tasks that add value. RPA technology is all about eradicating those repetitive, basic tasks that require lesser skills, by replacing human resources with digital tools. RPA is designed to develop completely human-free processes.
  • Eradicate repetitive, basic & less skilful tasks
  • Employees can concentrate on valuable activities
  • Eradicates human error, leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced human contact with sensitive data, reducing the risk of fraud
  • Less costly than traditional IT technologies (minimal upfront investment required)
  • Quick to implement, no disruption to underlying systems
  • Highly scalable, adapts to fast-changing business environments
    Lower employee costs

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Discovery Session

We gather information about your needs and objectives of your apps. Unsure about the app you need? We will carefully assess your top challenges and provide expert guidance on the perfect solution tailored to your success.

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Prototype Validation

We create wireframes and an interactive prototype to visualise the app flow and make changes as per your feedback.

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Scope, Estimation, and Planning

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Proof of Concept Demo

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