Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate industry standards in application development, challenging negative perceptions around delivery. We go beyond mere automation and app creation; we build trust and foster positive digital experiences. Our custom solutions, prioritise people, ensuring technology empowers them rather than dictates their experience. We stand firmly with the principle that technology should serve people and not the other way around. 

Our Values

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Empowering People

We strongly believe that behind every successful business are hardworking and dedicated people. Our approach to app development is centered with the end-user in mind, making technology adapting to their needs.
We strive to eliminate the need for workarounds caused by inadequate tools, providing solutions that uplift your team. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and collaboration, fostering a fulfilling work environment and driving sustained success and growth for your business.

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Creating Lasting Partnerships

Our commitment is to our customers and forging future-proof strategies alongside them. We deeply engage in understanding your business challenges and needs, pushing them at the heart of your application development and digital transformation journey.

Our focus on innovation pushes boundaries beyond expectations, fostering lasting partnerships rooted in trust, collaboration, and mutual growth.

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Delivering with Certainty
With our innovative transparent approach to application development, you will gain clarity from day one, ensuring alignment with your goals, timely delivery, and adherence to budget.
Our dedicated consultants, rigorously trained, ensure certainty at every step of the application delivery process—leaving nothing to chance. With this commitment embedded in our company’s ethos you will witness the powerful impact of your application within weeks.

AMO Story: The People Kickstarting the Journey

Amanda dedicated 7 years to a leading BPM software company, renowned for delivering cutting-edge tech that streamlines workflows and automates processes. She was part of the initial professional services team that built custom applications for customers.  This is where her passion to drive process excellence across organisations began.

In 2017, with her relentless drive for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Amanda decided to venture on her own, founding AMO Consultancy Services.

Her vision: disrupt the traditional BPM consulting and applications development and place delivering exceptional customer experiences at the forefront.

” The limitless capabilities of technology make it possible to bring wonderful ideas to life “

Amanda Moumen
Operations Director

Amanda’s aspirations aligned with Bertrand, a dynamic professional with a robust commercial background and a natural inclination for entrepreneurship. 

After a decade of success in IT managed services, overseeing major international accounts and working with corporate boards, Bertrand’s ambitions led him to partner with Amanda, forming an unstoppable partnership!

Together, they embarked on a journey to tackle fresh and exciting opportunities, leveraging their complementary skills and shared vision for the future.

"Behind every business lies hardworking people – Make them thrive and success will follow”

Bertrand Piquet
Managing Director

At the heart of our story lies our dedication to serving a diverse clientele spanning both French-speaking and English-speaking countries.

This unique duality allows us to bridge the gap, transcending language barriers and cultural differences, building custom apps for our wide-range of customers.

Our commitment to delivering  premium services pushes us to continually innovate and set new standards in the industry.

Throughout the years of our company’s evolution, our growth trajectory has been boosted by the remarkable contributions of our dedicated and hardworking team.

The AMOvators are the driving force behind our success, embodying innovation and service excellence, traits ingrained in our DNA.

Each individual brings a diverse wealth of skills, passion, and unique experiences, enriching our collective journey.

Interested In Working with Us?

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