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Wide Range of applications developed by AMO Consultancy Services LTD across multiple devices like mobile, Tablet and computer.

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Explore demos, webinars, and a glimpse into the vibrant life at AMO!

Webinar recording: Mastering Style Profile in Nintex Automation
Engaging webinar on Style Profile and building great interfaces. In this session, we unraveled the mechanics of Style Profile in Nintex Automation (a.k.a Nintex K2 Five). Emphasizing a practical approach, the demo showcased tangible examples of interfaces that we have built with Style Profile. 
Fostering a sense of belonging to the company
Creating a Sense of Belonging: Mobile Solutions for Business Success

Explore how incorporating mobile apps can foster a sense of unity within your organisation. These apps serve as a vital link, forging strong connections between the company and its workforce, ultimately cultivating a harmonious work environment.

impact of modern application in Revenue Growth in organisation
Maximising Business Success with Mobile Solutions: Boost Your Revenue Growth

Mobile apps are a gateway to expanding business revenue. They enable companies to connect with customers and enhance their experiences. By leveraging mobile technology to engage customers, simplify transactions, and offer personalised experiences, businesses can unlock their full revenue potential.

impact of modern application in Field Ops Services
Mobile Solutions that Empowers Business Success - Field Ops Services

Bertrand Piquet deep dives into the role of mobile apps in tackling critical business challenges. Learn how mobile apps can boost your mobile workforce’s performance and collaboration, leading to a substantial improvement in customer experience.

Leadership Empowerment video
Mobile Solutions that Empowers Business Success - Leadership Empowerment

Mobile apps are actively addressing and resolving critical business challenges. He discusses how these apps are empowering leadership teams by providing real-time access to vital data, fostering agility, and driving overall success.

A clickable visual prototype for your desired app

Application development design process starts with mock-ups or wireframes. At AMO, we do not do mere sketches or wireframes. We begin your journey with a visual prototype, crafting a clear blueprint of your dream app from day one.

Nintex Low-Code Platform for Process Automation- One platform, Endless possibilities

Streamline your business processes and embrace efficient, modular development, leaving behind time-consuming ‘from scratch’ work. Get your applications within weeks, with NO unexpected costs, unclear timelines, or compromises.

Fast delivery of custom applications with Nintex K2 low-code platform

We accelerate custom business app development by 80% using the Nintex K2 low-code platform, outpacing traditional methods and easing the burden on application teams in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Tailor-made applications to do exactly what you want, exactly how you imagined it.

At AMO, we build an ecosystem of tailor-made business applications to do exactly what you want, exactly how you imagined it with NO surprise costs, vague timelines, or compromises.

Supercharge your Application Delivery with Nintex K2 Five (Nintex On-Prem)

Harness the potential of Nintex Automation On-Prem’s low code capability whilst creating a development foundation that embeds your Governance, Security, and IT policies into your architecture. 

AMO - SAP Global Purchase to Pay Solution

Streamline your finance and procurement processes with a tailor-made Purchase to Pay (P2P) solution. For this customer we have leveraged Nintex Automation platform (Nintex K2) to integrate with SAP.

AMO - Real Estate Automation Solutions

Bespoke applications for your commercial real estate business to improve improve productivity, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

AMO - Global SAP Purchase To Pay (P2P) webinar

Learn to manage global processes with regional standards efficiently and navigate complex approval matrices with a P2P application. This video features a testimonial from IPSEN, a multinational biopharmaceutical firm, and includes a platform demonstration.

AMO Business Process Automation Expertise

Behind every successful business lies hardworking people. At AMO, we capitalise on that human potential to make your enterprise flourish.
We build bespoke applications to do exactly what you want exactly how you imagined it.

AMO HR Digital Solutions

Is your HR department slowing down due to a mountain of manual repetitive mundane tasks? Our bespoke HR applications can optimise your HR department by cutting down time wasted on these administrative tasks.

We have moved

We are thrilled to announce that has now relocated to a new office space. As we continue to grow and evolve, this move signifies a new chapter for our team and customers.

📍Here’s where you will find us now:
AMO Consultancy
30, Churchill Place
London E14 5RE

Our Rebrand Journey: AMO Consultancy Services LTD
Our Rebrand Journey
Earlier this year, we embarked on an exciting rebranding journey. Bertrand Piquet, Managing Director at AMO Consultancy shares the story behind the transformation of our company’s brand.🌟
AMO 5th Anniversary wishes

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your wishes on our 5th birthday!🎂 We are so grateful for these messages sent from all over the world.🙏

Life at AMO

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Week 1

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Discovery Session

We gather information about your needs and objectives of your apps. Unsure about the app you need? We will carefully assess your top challenges and provide expert guidance on the perfect solution tailored to your success.

Week 2

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Prototype Validation

We create wireframes and an interactive prototype to visualise the app flow and make changes as per your feedback.

Week 3

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Scope, Estimation, and Planning

Estimation of the project deliverables including the resources, time, and costs involved.

Week 4

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Proof of Concept Demo

Showcasing POC to relevant stakeholders illustrating the functionalities and potential of the app to meet business objectives.