Gain visibility and control on your processes with Nintex Process Manager

Processes are at the heart of every business. Every department in a company follows a certain sequence of tasks or events to get things done. Some are specific to certain departments others just exist because of recurring practices.

However, while processes are at the core of business operations, chances are, many business owners and managers are unaware of how all the different processes and procedures roll up to meet the business objectives. And if you ask team members to draw out an exact process flow – it will most probably look more like a labyrinth of fuzzy lines!

That is where business process mapping comes in…

What is process mapping?

A process map is a visual representation of a specific workflow within an organisation. Process maps outline the individual steps within a process and describe in detail the roles and responsibilities of all project/process members involved.

An effective process map outlines a process from the beginning till the end and is easily understood by all stakeholders. Process mapping provides a visual depiction of the below:

  1. Start points and end points of a process
  2. The different tasks and activities involved in the process
  3. When does each task occur
  4. Decisions that may alter the flow of the process
  5. Assigning tasks to people and systems

Mapping the elements of a business process is vital to enable team members to easily understand and adhere to companywide standards and best practices.

Mapping processes with Nintex Process Manager (formerly known as Nintex Promapp)

Mapping of processes is challenging and is sometimes done on either a whiteboard, a piece of paper, or on some not so easy to use tools. Basically, information in organisations tends to sit in many places, in many formats – whatever is easiest for the person mapping the processes but not necessarily the easiest way for the end user to understand. This makes it difficult to find and understand processes and leads to a lack of collaboration and standardisation across many businesses.

That is why Nintex took a different approach to process mapping and process excellence, all centered around simplicity and collaboration. Nintex Process Manager was created to eliminate the frustration of finding and understanding processes. It is a powerful business process management tool for total visibility and control of your processes. With Nintex Process Manager you can plan, map, and manage your business processes easily.

Adopting Nintex Process Manager in your organisation enables you to:

  • Transform complex process maps and procedure documents into clean, simple, and accessible process maps, all available in one place and always up to date.
  • Promote enterprise-wide collaboration, engagement, and accountability – the processes are captured and managed by the people who know them best.
  • Share updates and get feedback in real-time thus understanding where the inefficiencies are and identifying opportunities to improve processes.
  • Reduce risks and ease auditing – organisational control and traceability are enhanced with mandatory approvals, escalations, and notifications.
  • Effectively manage change – processes are bound to change in an organization. It could be because of a change in leadership with a new vision or something unexpected like the pandemic. The ability to quickly adapt is what makes your organization stay ahead of the curve. In the Nintex process manager when a change occurs a notification is sent to all those to whom it is relevant.
  • Improve productivity with process maps – Personalised dashboards provide complete transparency of processes with live status changes. Get a real-time overview of process status with team engagement statistics and automatic tracking of every existing process, regardless of its status.
  • Easily identify opportunities to automate your business processes

The proof is in the pudding

Hundreds of global enterprises and government agencies are now embracing a process culture shift and are leveraging Nintex Process Manager to plan, map and manage their processes.

For example, Lumo Energy one of Australia’s largest and oldest renewable energy company have implemented Nintex Process Manager to standardise 600 processes and increase the visibility of overlapping areas. Prior to the implementation of Nintex Process Manager, the company was wasting time and money trying to document its processes.  Miscommunication was rampant, with many departments unaware they used similar processes within the company. The company needed a simple, centralized way to document and improve business processes while promoting cross-company collaboration and consistent process improvement.

The adoption of Nintex Process Manager at Lumo Energy has resulted in

Find out how other companies like Coca-Cola have been able to achieve success with Nintex Process Manager.

Want to kickstart a process culture shift in your organisation, get in touch with our team for a free trial of Nintex Process Manager.


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