AMO Automation Solutions for Every Industry

Streamlined Automation Solutions to Suit your Sector.

If you’re looking to free your team from wasting hours on tedious, uninspiring tasks and improve the way you respond to your customers’ demands, our bespoke business applications will enable you to do exactly that.

We create custom solutions specific to you and your industry, ensuring that you only have access to the tools and information that you need. This streamlines your employees’ experience and provides a higher standard of service, giving you a competitive advantage.

Fast and agile automation means better efficiency, flexibility and risk management – no matter the size or sector of your company.

Financial Services

AMO helps financial service providers including banks, wealth management and insurance companies to efficiently manage policies, investments, accounts, claims and more.

Financial institutions embrace automation to improve compliance, reduce costs, increase operation efficiency by banishing human mistakes and increase customer satisfaction.

Solutions include:

  • Banking and loan processing
  • Claims management
  • Wealth management
  • Automation of financial processes
  • Approval automation

Health Care Sector

Health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers can benefit from AMO’s automation solutions and focus on better patient care.

Our Solutions:

  • Improve patient experiences through administrative process automation
  • Guarantee governance and compliance despite the ever-changing healthcare regulations
  • Manage Supply Chain to ensure no shortages in equipment, drugs
  • Replace paper-based requests for pharmaceutical sales team – e-Signature, automated approval requests


Many legal organisations have automated their processes to save time and improve client experience, which gives them a competitive advantage. 

Solutions include:

  • Contract management
  • Case management
  • Automated document generation & processing
  • E-signature


With our automation solutions, manufacturing processes can be streamlined to improve supplier operations, enhance productivity and boost efficiency while maintaining safety and compliance at each step of production.

Solutions include:

  • Automated procurement processes
  • Machinery and equipment inspections routines
  • Stock and logistics management
  • Automated supplier operations

Oil & Gas

With AMO pioneering solutions, these businesses can find the right balance between productivity and cutting costs.

Solutions include:

  • Cargo planning
  • Export & import terminal operations
  • Shipping management

Government & Education

Governments can digitalise their operations and services to accelerate public outcomes in all departments – including Health, Education and many more

Solutions include:

  • Public policy procedure management
  • Budget management
  • Resource management

Our Technologies.

We are Certified Partners of both Nintex and UiPath.


A powerful low-code enterprise process automation platform to drive excellence across your company. Nintex allows you to quickly and easily manage, automate and optimise your business processes.


We use UiPath to automate specific work processes using software robots – known as robot process automation (RPA). This digital assistance frees employees from unnecessary and tedious manual tasks.

Our Services. Digital Automation Services Fit for Your Digital Automation Services

Advisory Services. We review your business management processes based on your goals, helping you develop a strategy that’s in line with your business change, process automation and CoE enablement. 

Solutions Delivery. We work in partnership with you to improve the status quo and to help you solve the challenges your business faces.

Managed Services. We are invested in your continued success, and so we offer ongoing support and maintenance for your digital automation ecosystem.