Advisory Services

Helping you to Recognise and Overcome Key Business Challenges.

We use our expertise to advise you on how to solve any process challenges, to make your business more efficient and productive. We aim to build a lasting relationship with you, providing the guidance and direction you need to revolutionise the way your business does things. 

We build road-maps, frameworks, governance policies and digital transformation strategies focused on your business outcomes.

Creating a Platform for Your Success

Strategic Business Consultancy

We provide you with enterprise process strategies which are in line with your organisational goals.  Our advisory services include (but are not limited to):  
  • Business change strategy 
  • Process mining:
    • Helps you capture information from enterprise systems and provide detailed data on how the processes are performing 
  • Process design:
    • A process map is outlined and visibility improved on company-wide processes
  • Process performance analysis
  • Centre of Excellence (CoE) enablement
  • Identifying gaps and risks, and providing recommendations 
  • Analysis of the Return on Investment (ROI) of using a specific automation platform

Technical Consultancy

AMO will not only create the ideal technology strategy but will also provide you with the following assistance:
  • Technical platform advisory
  • Platform upgrade management
  • Technical training
  • Systems Integration
  • Project delivery support
  • Technical support for your Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Enablement

RPA is helping organisations around the globe to become more agile, improve their response to increased demand, and navigate uncertain terrains. AMO provides a robust RPA roadmap based on key factors such as governance, predictability, scalability, risk assessment, and returns on investment. AMO RPA advisory services include the 3 pillars below:
  • RPA business strategy:
    • We build the RPA roadmap, considering key elements such as RPA journey, process management, business cases, & maturity KPIs. This will form the base of your new automation strategy.
    • Based on the strategy, we will then advise you on budget requirements. The budget forecast will include initial investment costs, ongoing maintenance costs as well as costs involved for future scalability. Scalability costs will vary depending on how quickly you want the solution to be used for a wider scope.
  • Operations management:
    • We provide further advice aimed at your operating model. This model will be defined in such a way that it can adapt to future scalability.
    • This phase will focus on operational guidelines and CoE management.
  • Technical enablement:
    • Guidelines on RPA platform architecture, RPA integration & development.
    • Long-term support
    • Continuous improvement

Our Other Services.

Digital Automation Services Fit for Your Business

Managed Services. We are invested in your continued success, and so we offer ongoing support and maintenance for your digital automation ecosystem.

Solutions Delivery. We work in partnership with you to improve the status quo and to help you solve the challenges your business faces.