Managed Services

Consistently Supporting our Partners

AMO provides support and maintenance for each delivered application – as well as those already implemented by other parties – ensuring that your business continues to succeed. Your sustained success is our priority! We are committed to providing a personalised and consistently excellent support experience with key outsourcing benefits.

End-User Business Support

  • We support the day-to-day activities of our users with the guidance and necessary documentation on how to use an existing application’s functions.
  • AMO also fulfills any service requests to support those same day-to-day users’ activities.

Onshore Technical Application Support

  • Our Onshore Operation Centre is based in London, which means we can resolve your requests quickly and efficiently. 
  • We offer a tailored Service Desk Solution based on industry best practices, best-of-breed products, and defined Service Levels Agreements (SLA).  
  • You’ll get access to AMO’s service desk for the logging and resolution of incidents and requests relating to your automation ecosystem.

Proactive Platform Management

Platform management includes a health check service and patch management, to keep your automation solution performing at its peak.

Health check service:

  • We proactively monitor for potential issues on a regular basis. This ensures that the environments remain healthy and perform to the relevant standard.
  • Following each review, several recommendations will be made where necessary.
  • End users typically do not encounter any issues, because each one is anticipated and fixed beforehand.

Patch management:

  • Our release management will ensure the integrity of your systems and environments, by controlling the deployment of platform updates and patches regularly.
  • We offer risk management assessments and aim to strike a balance between business priorities and platform management.
  • We follow due diligence and abide by your preferred change management process.

Handling Change Requests & Information Requests

As part of every service agreement, AMO includes time for a consultant to handle extra once-off requests. These could be minor changes in your existing applications, or simply requests for large information. (audit, reports)

This gives us the flexibility to manage unplanned requests and protects you against incurring unnecessary extra costs.

Account Management

Each customer will be provided with a dedicated account manager, who will ensure that all services are delivered to the expected standards, including sponsorship of project activities. The account manager will act as the customer’s sponsor within AMO, to ensure that relationships at all tiers are engaging, positive and maintained.

Our Other Services.

Digital Automation Services Fit for Your Business

Advisory Services. We review your business management processes based on your goals, helping you develop a strategy that’s in line with your business change, process automation and CoE enablement.

Solutions Delivery. We work in partnership with you to improve the status quo and to help you solve the challenges your business faces.

Our Technologies.

We are Certified Partners of both Nintex and UiPath.


A powerful low-code enterprise process automation platform to drive excellence across your company. Nintex allows you to quickly and easily manage, automate and optimise your business processes.


We use UiPath to automate specific work processes using software robots – known as robot process automation (RPA). This digital assistance frees employees from unnecessary and tedious manual tasks.