Recruitment Solution

Our client is a multinational Professional Services company. It is one of the Big Four organizations and the largest Consultancy network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in London, England.

  • Size: 330 000 employees
  • Geographical Reach: Global – 150 Countries
  • Turnover (2019): USD 47B

The Challenge

Our customer has an extensive recruitment operation with a large number of interviews done in a year. The process to log in the different candidates who came for an interview on the off-the-shelf recruitment software was a lengthy one. The recruiters and the hiring managers were filling up paper-based forms, which were then manually inputted into the system. Given the thousands of interviews they process yearly, this repetitive task was very time-consuming. They hence needed a solution to improve the recruitment process.

Our Approach & the Solution

After having interactive workshops of AMO and our customer’s HR Team, we created a solution to complement the existing recruitment software. We leveraged Nintex K2 Five to integrate with the software to retrieve any data needed. With the Talent Acquisition Application, the whole recruitment process was streamlined.  Now when a hiring manager and the recruiter have finished an interview, a new interview is created on the system with the candidate’s relevant details, for example, the name, the post applied for, who the hiring managers and the recruiters are.

The system then automatically creates feedback forms for the interviewers who can access these directly on the system. They fill up the forms and give their feedback directly on the application. These are also all recorded in the application.

The capabilities of this application provide numerous benefits.

  • Administrators have now the possibility to manage the whole recruitment lifecycle – they can reschedule interviews, share forms with external users, or can even cancel a specific form if it’s no longer needed.
  • Any person involved in an interview gets access to their own feedback forms as well as the other interviewers’ responses.
  • The dashboard has been built in such a way that the user can filter information about candidates based on different parameters for eg, name, jobs, gender, departments etc
  • The delegation feature built in the application allows users to assign another interviewer to fill in the form on their behalf if they are not available. The tasks will then disappear from the one who assigned the task to someone else and appear on the other person’s lists. Because of the sensitivity of the data involved only the interviewers of the candidate can be delegated the task.
  • The mobile version of this application with autosave features also permits users to access the candidates, download the CV and give their feedback even when they are on the go.
  • With all interviews recorded and stored on one central portal, HR teams and hiring managers can easily access historical data
  • Email reminder notifications are also sent to the users if they have not completed their tasks
  • Sensitive data are encrypted in the database to abide by GDPR rules.

The solution we have built for our customer has drastically reduced the processing time of interviews making the recruitment process an efficient one.

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