Performance Appraisal Solution

Our client is a multinational Professional Services company. It is one of the Big Four accounting organizations and the largest Consultancy network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in London, England. The company provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal services with more than 330,000 professionals globally.

  • Size: 330 000 employees
  • Geographical Reach: Global – 150 Countries
  • Turnover (2019): USD 47B

The Challenge

The Belgium arm of this global group employs more than 4000 people. Every employee has to be appraised on a quarterly basis.

Given the large number of staff, the manual performance appraisal process is a difficult and lengthy one. The mapping of employees’ goals and performance indicators was a major problem.

Whilst the attrition rate was not at risk, our customer’s management wanted to reduce it to a minimum.

The Solution & Outcomes

AMO was approached to design and develop an Employee Appraisal Solution by aligning the goals of the workforce with the broader organisational objectives. We worked in closed partnership with the internal technical and the business team to deliver this large undertaking.

The powerful HR tool was created to integrate with SharePoint to streamline and enhance the complete performance management process. The portal was designed with inbuilt forms, processes, deadlines, and productivity rates of each employee. The application theme was highly customised for our client in line with its branding guidelines.

The following features were implemented:

  • 360 review
  • Centralised portal where all tasks related to employee’s performance review would be listed
  • Automated reminders provide an easy way to meet deadlines
  • The portal makes it simple and manageable to set employees goals, achievements and record any comments.
  • The tool gives managers an intuitive interface to track employees’ performance with historical data to trace year on year achievements.

This provided an efficient and consistent experience for employees, management layers and HR staff.