Fuel Card Management System

Our client is a multinational Professional Services company. It is one of the Big Four accounting organizations and the largest Consultancy network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in London, England. The company provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal services with more than 330,000 professionals globally.

  • Size: 330 000 employees
  • Geographical Reach: Global – 150 Countries
  • Turnover (2019): USD 47B

The Challenge

The Management of Fuel Cards for employees in the business was done manually using spreadsheets and emails.  This included ordering, cancelling, renewing, registering cards according to the car plates.

As a result, this presented the business with a number of challenges:

  • Ordering and blocking a new card was a lengthy process and was prone to errors
  • Approval management was limited
  • Due to the lack of traceability, no audit trails were available
  • No integration with 3rd party solutions (Car fleet management)

The Solution & Outcomes

AMO created a custom Fuel Card Management Solution. The app is a central hub and act as an orchestrator between the car fleet Management solution, the various fuel card suppliers’ online portals and the internal employee helpdesk (Service Now). RPA was used to digitally amend parameters in the car fleet management solution

Our customer now reaps the following benefits:

  • The process is a lot quicker and streamlined – no room for errors or process delays
  • Card blocking mechanism is now almost instant – great when card has been lost or stolen
  • Better cost management
  • Central portal to handle all fuel card related requests
  • Approval management is built-in
  • All 3rd party applications are now synchronised around the Fuel Card Management process
  • The employee experience is far more enjoyable with clear actions and communication
  • Historical data is readily available for audit purposes