Financial Documents Review & Approval Committee Solution

A platform built to handle the extensive documentation needs when companies request funding to grow their business.

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Our customer is an independent investment company that was erected by the Flemish Government. It provides funding for promising businesses, from the day they first open their doors, through their various growth stages, and even on to operating internationally. The company implements projects that will improve wellbeing and prosperity in Flanders.

The Challenge

With the growth of the Flanders economy, more and more businesses are demanding access to cash to grow their businesses. For each application, there is a large number of documents to be filed for review by the main authoritative committee which meets on a monthly basis.

In order for those meetings to be as fruitful as possible, a considerable amount of administrative time was spent coordinating multiple departments. Finance projects data packs were being prepared manually. A number of documentation reviews and pre-approvals were necessary prior to the final review. Without a streamlined process, documentation governance guidelines were difficult to adhere to. This often resulted in decisions being postponed which created a delay in the financing of larger projects.

The Solution

AMO was engaged to develop a bespoke application that needed to integrate with our customer’s internal Document Management System (DMS) called iManage. By leveraging the features of the Nintex K2 Five platform, a Financial documents review & Approval committee solution was implemented.

To make the solution as intuitive as possible, the process starts directly from iManage. Each project requires a strict number of documents and formats depending on various categories. The application automatically requests the relevant list of documents based on the type of financing the business requires to be reviewed. This list is fed by various stakeholders cross-departments who have been assigned specific tasks. The documents are parked in a temporary section in readiness for inspection by the main secretary and are pre-approved before being presented to the committee.

With the streamlining of the process, the board members can focus solely on the decision-making for the different cases instead of on the administration part of it. Once a decision is taken the case associated files are redirected to a new area of the DMS and labeled accordingly – reviewed, approved or rejected.

The adoption of the solution has allowed the business to accelerate the decision-making process and has enabled complete traceability and compliance which is paramount for a Government body.

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