Workshop: Mastering Style Profile in Nintex Automation

Come join the vibrant Nintex community for an engaging webinar! An opportunity for all of us to share our unique experiences and challenges with Style Profile in Nintex Automation (formerly known as Nintex K2 Five).

Let's unravel the mechanics of Style Profile, its functionalities, and real life examples to enhance your skills.

StyleProfile infographic

Workshop Agenda

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Style Profile Foundation

Let's get to the core of Style Profile and explore the various versions and functionalities.

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The Art of the Possible - AMO Experience

Let's explore real-world scenarios where forms, views and Style Profile colours come into play. We will share practical examples of how these components are used in everyday situations.

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Sharing of Experiences and Envisioning the Future

Exchange insights, experiences, and challenges around building great UI for your applications. Engage in discussions about potential future enhancements to further improve Style Profile.

Meet your host Amanda

Amanda Moumen was among the first team to build applications for customers at K2 France. In 2017, her passion for innovation drove her to found AMO Consultancy. Today, she is the Operations Director at AMO, where she leads the delivery of exceptional service and customer experience.

Innovation Enthusiasts Club

As someone who believes in the power of community and collaboration, Amanda has recently launched the Innovation Enthusiasts Club. This club is for passionate people who believe that we are the creators of innovation with technology as an enabler.

Club members enjoy privileged access to webinars, workshops, and networking events with like-minded innovators. They also stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends while becoming an integral part of a dynamic community.