How do you bring people value and efficiency to the forefront in Shared Services?

Automate your Shared Services

Shared services also known as Global Business Services allow high-volume business processes and back-end operations which are carried out by more than one department or multiple regions to be centralised and consolidated. Today, most companies employ a shared services model for finance (procurement /purchasing), human resources (HR), legal, supply chain, and information technology (IT)

Empower Your Workforce

Bring meaning to their day-to-day with
Process Automation

Empower your people with digital capabilities that will increase quality, efficiency, collaboration and their capacity to focus on higher-value work.

Shared Services Centers (SSC) and Shared Services Organisation (SSO) leaders are realising significant benefits in productivity, collaboration and efficiency through intelligent automated applications. Automation also enables you to simultaneously manage costs, improve controls and compliance, enabling transformative scale within Shared Services.

Top benefits of a digital workplace

Accelerate your Shared Services functions with Automation

Align Business Processes

Bridge the functionality and
process gaps that exist.

Increase Time to Value

Realise your internal productivity gains
and business value as a result of an
expedited and efficient process.

Empower and retain your people

Improve employee experience by
adding meaningful value to their work
and not be bogged down by lower
level manual activities.

Compliance Readiness

Improve auditing control
and ensure compliance readiness
with built-in audit tracking
and reporting.

Right First Time

Eliminate inefficient and outdated
manual working practices leading to errors,
delays, inefficiencies, and risks.

As you adopt more automation. how can you use your employees’ freed-up time?

Empower HR to focus on critical strategic initiatives

By automating time-consuming processes in compliance and reporting, employee onboarding, payroll management, and workforce data administration, HR can begin to drive greater value across workforce engagement and talent acquisition.

Finance & Accounting subfunctions have serious potential for automation

McKinsey reveals that over 80% of finance and accounting subfunctions are automation-ready. Developing the right automation roadmap is key to modernizing the finance function across everything from procure-to-pay and order-to-cash to financial planning and analysis, and tax operations.

Finance & Accounting subfunctions have serious potential for automation

Create capacity in IT and a more integrated application ecosystem

Create capacity by automating time-consuming IT processes such as user setup, service requests, and asset management. Enable more seamless integration between new and legacy applications for embedded functionality.

The Success Stories

Create Value in Shared Services with Automation

New product innovation platform

New Product Innovation Platform

Employee Life Cycle Management

Employee Life Cycle Management

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Fuel Card Management System