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Our customer is a leading investment company based in Belgium, dedicated to investing in the future of the Flemish economy. They partner with ambitious companies, providing funding to ventures committed to both social impact and financial return. Our customer realised that building an effective team goes beyond selecting the right candidates. The onboarding and overall management of their employees’ lifecycle plays a critical role in ensuring that hired talent are both productive and contented employees.

Business Requirements 

The vision was to create a personalised and central company-branded portal entirely in Flemish that would manage every aspect of an employee’s journey. The platform should evolve into a comprehensive employee management solution, providing an all-encompassing experience. From streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes to managing holiday requests, overseeing mobility arrangements, managing fleet logistics, maintaining personal records, benefits administration, and tracking expenses, the platform needed to offer a suite of functionalities.

The initial phase of this project aimed to help integrate new employees effortlessly and to enable them to bed into the organisation culturally – creating a lasting first impression and a sense of belonging among employees.

The Challenge

The existing onboarding and offboarding processes were lengthy and prone to errors due to the manual collaboration between departments and reliance on Excel checklists. This manual approach led to delays creating uncertainties and complexity during employees’ onboarding. Additionally, the HR team faced a considerable workload due to the manual request system for employee benefits.

These challenges extended to the intricate management of benefits, the need for IT enablement automation, and the coordination of diverse departmental needs. This encompassed areas such as mobility management, fleet logistics, subscriptions, and allowance management, including the administration of flexible benefits.

From a governance perspective, ensuring traceability throughout the process was essential. This involved the tracking of time dedicated to each task and the validation of individuals responsible for the work—an aspect that posed challenges within the existing system.

Recognising that an off-the-shelf solution failed to meet the business’s requirements and entailed entrusting sensitive information to a third party, our customer sought a bespoke solution. They approached us to develop a customised application leveraging the Nintex Automation on Prem (K2) low-code platform.

HR application features and benefits

Personalised, branded portal in Flemish

We developed a branded application following the company’s brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly interface. The design focused on creating a unified and intuitive platform, simplifying user navigation, and providing easy access to all essential features.

Workflow automation

The application seamlessly integrates advanced workflows to automate IT provisioning. Seamlessly incorporated into the application, these sophisticated workflows orchestrate tasks, including, but not limited to creating the active directory, configuring emails, setting up employees’ OneDrive, and providing role-based access to various applications. The application integrates smoothly with iManage, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and collaboration across the business.

Customisable architecture for enhanced flexibility

The application’s architecture is built to empower our customers with the flexibility to independently manage and customise workflows. This feature allows them to adapt and tailor processes to align with evolving requirements effortlessly. This level of customisation ensures that the solution is agile and responsive.

Accurate records management

In the past managing records was challenging with multiple data input sources, resulting in duplicate records and inaccuracies due to outdated information.  Serving as a data management orchestrator, the application now empowers this customer to maintain a consistently accurate and up-to-date data repository, serving as the single source of truth.

The user-friendly portal guides employees through periodic updates, and this information is seamlessly synchronized across business systems. This not only provides efficient record management but also aligns with GDPR standards, safeguarding the privacy and compliance of each employee’s data.

Company Directory

The application features a companywide directory Search function for locating employees and accessing relevant information about their roles, line management, and contact information. This feature improves organisational connectivity and facilitates communication across teams.

Facilitating tax reporting to authorities

The application ensures accurate information for external companies to generate and dispatch letters to government authorities. This includes up-to-date details on benefits and earnings disclosure, presented in the correct format required. This streamlined process ensures compliance and accuracy in reporting to government entities, mitigating risks in tax-related operations.

Effective budget management

The application generates reports that enable the customer to conduct a precise reconciliation of employees’ allowances and budgets. This ensures unused benefits are paid correctly in their salary. The system facilitates meticulous tracking of budget utilisation, providing a reliable mechanism for compensating employees for unused benefits.

Streamlined employee departure process

The platform is designed to facilitate the exit process of employees, incorporating tasks like ticket creation and closure, access removal, and meticulous tracking of responsibilities. This ensures a smooth exit for departing staff, eliminating ambiguity about task ownership. This strategic design fosters a sense of accountability and clarity throughout the offboarding process.

Improving HR operations and employee experience

This application has significantly enhanced both the onboarding process and overall employee experience. It also plays a pivotal role in facilitating a seamless transition when employees leave. The introduction of automated workflows ensures that relevant licenses and access are promptly disabled upon an employee’s departure, providing better control over associated costs.

The tailored features within the application specifically address the unique requirements of our client. This level of customisation, not achievable with off-the-shelf solutions, is crucial in maintaining GDPR compliance. This bespoke solution safeguards sensitive information from being shared with third parties, reinforcing data security and privacy.

Beyond its operational benefits, the application fosters a sense of belonging and cultivates a positive experience for each employee. This contributes significantly to the development of an overall positive workplace culture, making the application a valuable asset in enhancing organisational dynamics and employee satisfaction.


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