Nintex & K2

Deliver Game-Changing Automation Solutions Quickly

AMO can help you transform the way your company manages daily operations by automating end-to-end processes to accelerate your business decisions. The application can be used anywhere across your organisation. 

Nintex/K2 makes it fast and easy to manage, automate and optimise your business processes.

Low-Code Automation Solutions to Power Your Business

AMO Consultancy is an official Nintex/ K2 “Certified Partner”. This platform allows us to use powerful low-code automation that gets you high-value results. You can drive process excellence across your organisation by connecting people, systems and data.

The Benefits of using the platform Nintex/K2 Five

  • Nintex/K2 uses low-code automation with no complex configuration, enabling game-changing solutions for your business in no time at all.
  • Nintex/K2 enables better decision-making and faster centralised task management.
  • The technology connects your systems and data together seamlessly. It surfaces relevant information in a user-friendly interface.
  • Nintex/K2 gives you real-time insight, by tracking performance using powerful analytics and reporting.
  • You’ll be able to adapt to new business requirements more readily, without impacting day-to-day operations.
  • The open architecture and integration service is easy to update and improve as needed.

Nintex/K2 Five Integration: “Access to any system”

Nintex/K2 can be seamlessly integrated with your existing data and line of business applications. Major providers (such as Microsoft, Google and Salesforce) can be effortlessly connected to with out-of-the-box connectors.

Nintex DocGen®

The manual creation of critical documents like contracts, proposals, work orders and invoices slows down your business. With Nintex DocGen® you can instantly build and share documents with just a few clicks, and keep up with today’s paperless business world.

Benefits of Nintex DocGen®:

  • Enhances efficiency
  • Reduces human error 
  • Improves compliance with pre-approved templates & multi-language options 
  • Compatible with any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF documents
  • Geographical documentation standard based on local regulations 
  • Instantly route documents for review or approval before sending to customers

Nintex Sign®

AMO uses Nintex Sign® (powered by Adobe Sign®) to create fast, secure e-signature tasks. We automate simple and sophisticated processes using this reliable enterprise-grade solution.

Benefits of Nintex Sign®: 

  • Seamlessly create approval workflows
  • Automatically send critical documents or contracts for signature
  • Send reminders & track progress from anywhere, on any mobile device
  • Streamline the signing process for internal & external stakeholders 
  • Quickly & securely sign documents in just minutes

Nintex Promapp®

AMO ensures that you have complete visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp®. We can leverage Promapp® to design, register and organise your enterprise processes. This will be the start of your digital automation journey. 

Benefits of Nintex Promapp®:

  • Can be used to automate all or part of your processes
  • Creating consistent, compliant process maps adds more flexibility to your business 
  • Easy to update & improve as needed 
  • Personalised dashboards make processes more user-friendly 
  • Embedding control points in live processes improves risk management



Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Save time by reducing manual work with smart process automation.