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We pride ourselves in having a multicultural team from different countries with diverse backgrounds, life experiences and viewpoints.
Our common drive and values – The success of our customers!

Amanda Moumen

Operations Director

Amanda’s roots lie firmly in the French Riviera. She started her career in Digital Process Automation at K2 France in Paris (now acquired by Nintex), right after she graduated from Paris Descartes University.
She was part of the initial team that delivered digital automation solutions to customers. This is where her passion to drive process excellence across organisations began.

Amanda strongly believes that every company should strive to deliver premium services to their customers, whereby they feel reassured that they are being served by experts.

This is the source of what will become AMO!

Amanda’s drive for change and her entrepreneurial spirit eventually took her to London where AMO was founded in the heart of the bustling city, in 2017.

This bright and rigorous entrepreneur takes great pride in developing the business and has a robust conviction that
” The limitless capabilities of technology make it possible to bring wonderful ideas to life “

Bertrand has been working on his Frockney (French + Cockney!) accent for more than 15 years now. Some say it suits his Londoner’s lifestyle whilst others say “It’s weird, init?!”.

Right after completing his Master’s education in Paris and a quick swim across the Channel, Bertrand settled in to provide valuable assistance to many workers overwhelmed by the 2008 crisis. He quickly turned to managing a team of engineers and handling customer relationships.

This experience allowed him to gain responsibility – he takes charge of the commercial management of major international accounts and works directly with the board of directors. After 10 successful years in IT managed services, his ambitions, and entrepreneurial mind led him to take on bigger challenges –

The AMO Consultancy journey then began!

Bertrand believes that “Behind every business lies hardworking people – Make them thrive and success will follow”. The raison d’être of AMO is centered on a humanistic practice of technology, putting the digital age at the service of human well-being.

His vision of the growth of the AMO collective is enriched by the cultural and societal differences of the AMO crew who work for the good of our customers and partners.

Bertrand Piquet

Managing Director

Lavishka Mohur Mouratsing

Marketing Manager

The land of the Dodo gave birth Lavishka Mohur Mouratsing.

This bubbly, optimistic and hard-working individual pursued her studies in Cape Town, South Africa where she enjoyed playing with numbers as she graduated with Honours in Statistics and Economics. Whilst she was a successful Financial Analyst, her natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to take on bigger challenges. She led the introduction and successful national development of a new South African franchise in Mauritius.

Her determination and clever business plans served many other local brands in various sectors. Strong from this experience but bored from so many lazy dormant volcanoes, Lavishka opted in the more thrilling London lifestyle. Her continuous smile brings the Mauritius sun in the AMO office alongside the positive vibe and expertise needed to take our business to the next level.

An ever ‘sun-chaser’, Lavishka loves her travels and adventurous trips. Our tip is to make sure she is not in charge of the map and directions though!

Mickael’s motherland is none other than the land of “choucroute” and white wine. After brilliantly obtaining his MIAGE Master’s degree (Computer Methods Applied to Business Management) at the University of Grenoble, he worked as a Software Developer in several large enterprises in various sectors.

His experience and exposure in different industries have enabled him to develop a broader vision of project management and the business world.

Mickael is an eternal enthusiast who sees life on the bright side. He likes to enjoy every moment with his family and friends.

His motto – “Work smarter not harder.”

Mickael Scheer

Automation Consultant

Ibtisem Meziani

Automation Consultant

Ibti is a hardworking and positive lady, born and raised in the capital of Algeria. The eldest of a big family, she studied at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene and graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science. She started her career handling customer relationships, after which she joined a tech company as a Digital Solutions Engineer. This is where her love for automation developed as she learned the broad spectrum of Nintex products.

Her ambitions and resilience to achieve her goal to become an automation consultant specialising in Nintex K2, pushed her to cross the Mediterranean to start a new chapter of her life in London.

Although far from her family and friends, Ibti is thrilled to be part of the AMO team and learn new things every day. Her expertise is a definite plus for the team!

However, do not even try to do a cooking competition with Ibti, she makes the most delicious Algerian treats!
Originally from Bulgaria, Mariya Peychinova landed in the UK 12 years ago and instantly fell in love with vibrant London. After years of experience in customer service and retail, Mariya was drawn to technology and wanted to pursue a career in software development.

This mother of 2 young children hence embarked on a journey to upskill in Digital Process Automation. She takes great pride in the fact that she has built a Predictive text to voice application, designed to help people with speaking difficulties to express themselves and enhance their quality of life.

In 2021, Mariya joined the AMO Academy as an intern where she had the opportunity to learn about the automation industry’s best practices as well as the broad spectrum of technologies AMO Consultancy uses. After her internship, her expertise and her hunger for personal development got her selected to join AMO as a full-time Automation Consultant.

Her thoughtful and optimistic nature eased her way to build positive relationships with the rest of the team.

Mariya is a strong believer that you never get too old to see the world through the eyes of a child – with wonder and awe!”

Mariya Peychinova

Automation Consultant

Youcef L’Ghoul

Automation Consultant

After graduating from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algiers in High Performance Computing, Youcef started his career as a Digital Solutions Engineer.

This is where his passion for business process automation and robotic process automation began. Loaded with experience and certifications on different process automation tools, this young IT professional decided to make a big leap. He crossed the Mediterranean from Algeria and joined AMO in buzzing London.

Youcef can be described as a young man with an old soul – he has a collection of old unpopular songs and loves quizzes.
"Being passionate and invested in all you do is the best investment in life."
Amanda Moumen
"Behind every business, there are hardworking people - Make them thrive and success will follow."
Bertrand Piquet
"Stepping out of your comfort zone unleashes your potential and is the recipe for a successful and adventurous life."
Lavishka Mohur
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