App platform for building enterprise mobile apps

AMO Consultancy has partnered with Jigx to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and tablets that integrate with your existing systems, including your workflow and process automation tools. Jigx easily integrates with any system that supports REST web services, including Nintex, business process automation low-code platforms.

Stunning native iOS and Android apps

Beautiful mobile apps. FAST.

Mobile apps are trending as the premier channel for connecting to employees, customers and business partners. Success depends on adoption. Jigx apps are designed specifically to be beautiful, responsive and intuitive to delight users and drive adoption. 

Mobile apps your users will love

Empower your teams by putting information right underneath their fingertips, so they can make informed decisions whenever, wherever. 

Jigx apps integrate seamlessly with your existing business solutions, taking personal productivity to a whole new level without the feeling of being boxed in. 

Integrate with your existing workflows

Jigx provides seamless integration with workflow task lists and forms. Adapt existing workflow applications to work with new-generation Jigx native mobile apps at your own pace. Convert important forms to native Jigx apps and continue to use existing HTML forms where required.


Business Process Management (BPM)

Deliver game-changing automation solutions quickly.
Nintex 450@4x