Notre Équipe


Nous sommes fiers d’avoir une équipe multiculturelle et internationale  avec des antécédents, des expériences de vie et des points de vue divers.

Notre volonté et nos valeurs communes – Le succès de nos clients!

Amanda Moumen

Responsable des opérations et co-fondateur

Amanda’s roots lie firmly in the French riviera where the sun, gentle waves, and overpriced coastal restaurants can be found all-year round! Her busy career started in Paris right after obtaining her Master-Degree in Advanced Computer Science. In the French capital, she was part of the initial team building one of the first French BPM Consultancies for a software vendor. This is where she learnt the trade and helped shape automation services delivery.

Her passion for backpacking travels made her discover remote places. Deserts, mountains, and communities from other horizons nurtured further the values she holds: Our societies often thrive when every individual is given the chance and tools for self-betterment. This is the source of what will become AMO.

Amanda’s drive for change eventually took her to London where, amazingly, she found even more overpriced restaurants – Though, the warm British welcome she received has influenced her decision to call this city ‘Home’. Naturally, AMO Consultancy was founded in the heart of the bustling hive of the City. She takes great pride in developing this business to constantly offer a better working place for all its customers.

Bertrand Piquet

Directeur du développement commercial et co-fondateur

Bertrand has been working on his Frockney (French + Cockney!) accent for more than 12 years now. Some say it suits his Londoner’s lifestyle whilst others say “It’s weird, init?!”.

Right after completing his Master’s education in Paris and a quick swim across the Channel, Bertrand settled in to support busy business workers with their technical problems. Strong from his success in preventing people from smashing their computers, he quickly went on to lead a team of engineers and started handling customer relationships. This experience enabled him to take wider responsibility at Director level for commercial and services delivery. After 10 happy years in the IT Managed Services industry, Bertrand decided to take a break to discover what the rest of the world had to offer.

Refreshed from amazing landscapes, cities, and vibrant cultures, Bertrand grew a beard and came back to the City to co-found the AMO adventure. This fantastic journey he is embarked on is about providing a better workplace for people to find purpose and happiness at work. This is the medium to enable innovation, performance, and successful businesses.

Diego Alcantara

Senior BPM & RPA Consultant

Diego was born and raised in colourful Brazil. He brings with him enthusiasm, a dose of good humour and all-you-can-eat grilled meat, brilliant!

After spending a few years in North America where he earned a scholarship, Diego completed his education in London with a Master’s degree with Merit in IT and Management. His years of experience working in Enterprise-grade businesses enables him to look at the bigger picture. He is equipped with a great analytical mind where no problem is too complex for him.

This early riser will always beat you to the office in the morning. No wonder his innovation spirit is alive before anyone else. If you combine this with the fact that he is a Star Wars fan, you get a cool teammate, super keen to bring in new ideas and try on new technologies.

Wai Lok Ng

Senior BPM & RPA Consultant

Wai Lok’s motherland is no other than the « Fragrant Harbour » aka Hong Kong. Enriched from such an intense cultural background, he brings with him a wise and confident attitude, ready to make us realise that Fortune cookies actually come from California!

Wai Lok graduated with honours at the HK Baptist University. Fresh from Uni, he directly jumped into the automation world and earned his stripes building great applications aimed at bringing corporate teams together. In 2018, he leaped from one city that never sleeps to another. After working for the largest UK pension fund, he realised he should worry about retirement things at a later stage of his life and joined the AMO bus. Thirsty for challenges, his zen approach gets speedy results without cutting corners.

Football is an integral part of his extra curriculum and he claims to know the names of all top league players in the world. Unfortunately for us, he remains undefeated!

Gaurav Deshmukh

BPM & RPA Consultant

Gaurav is a social, extrovert, food and tech loving person. He strongly believes that working hard and going the extra mile will help him achieve greater things in life. As a true visionnaire and Project Manager at heart, he has already set his lifespan milestones. One of which he has accomplished when he graduated from the Russel Group University with distinction. His mantra is to act with the intention to make a real difference.

During his tenure at the NHS as a Developer specialist, his participation was key in delivering major change to hospital logistics operations and front-line workers. His continuous contribution to the AMO team is equally focused on great customer experience.

He is really passionate about cooking and has always been fond of experimenting with different cuisines. So, our best advice is not to take him on a spicy curry eating contest!

Lavishka Mohur Mouratsing

Sales & Marketing Executive

The land of the Dodo gave birth to Lavishka; a bubbly, optimistic and hard-working individual whose love for palm trees naturally led her to the UK!

Initially, South Africa and specifically Cape Town is where she enjoyed playing with numbers as she graduated with Honours in Statistics and Economics. Whilst she was a successful Financial Analyst, her natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to take on bigger challenges. She led the introduction and successful national development of a new South African franchise in Mauritius. Her determination and clever business plans served many other local brands. Strong from this experience but bored from so many lazy dormant volcanoes, Lavishka opted in the more thrilling London lifestyle. Her continuous smile brings the Mauritius sun in the AMO office alongside the positive vibe needed to take our business to the next level.

An ever ‘sun-chaser’, Lavishka loves her travels and adventurous trips. Our tip is to make sure you stay in charge of the map and directions though!